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  • Catalytic Converters

    They are needed for your vehicle to pass emissions. Catalytic Converters are expensive since they contain platinum needed to convert harmful toxins such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon into less toxic substances, so that they don't enter the atmosphere to keep the air clean. If your car is not passing inspection due to Catalytic Converter, give us a call.

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  • Brake Repairs

    If your brakes are squealing, grinding or the break pedal feels soft, it is essential for you to have your brakes checked to make sure your pads, rotors, drums and master cylinder are working properly. We don't top off brake fluid because the lass of fluid indicates a problem. If you are topping off your master cycling, it's another indication your car may not be safe to drive. We offer a free estimate, so you'll know what it will cost before we start the job. We will meet or beat any local competitor's price. We can replace your drums, pads and rotors along with making sure your master cylinder is working properly and there's no leaks in the system.

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  • Water Pump/Radiator Repair

    Your water pump is the heart that keeps your coolant system beating. When it doesn’t work correctly your engine can and will overheat.

    Though an overheating engine isn't always caused by a failing water pump, it's a very common culprit. That's why we perform a complete diagnosis before we replace your water pump. You should never have to pay for something that doesn’t need fixing. At 925 Auto Repair Service Center we’ll make sure you don’t. If you encounter any of the signs of a failing water pump, schedule an appointment today.

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Alternator and Starter

If your battery is not holding a charge then it's a good possibility it's not your battery but your alternator. If when you turn your key and you hear a grinding sound, your starter might need replacing. Contact us for an appointment to have us take a look at your vehicle. Estimates are always free. We offer free towing if you break down. Read more about our alternator and starter replacement services at our auto repair shop in Northeast Philadelphia.

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A/C & Heat Repairs

925 Services center Air Conditioning Services include: Freon Evac, Freon Recharge, replacement of water pump, belts, hoses, radiators, and more

Heating and A/C systems can eventually break with usage, especially city driving.  Hose pipes may clog and drip if not serviced, causing reduced efficiency heating and cooling capabilities. Regular maintenance will keep your AC system operating at optimal performance!

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Auto Maintenance in Northeast Philadelphia


Regular preventative maintenance reduces the likelihood of problems and makes it easy to spot any issue, Our Auto Maintenance Shop in Northeast Philadelphia offers competitive pricing. We offer FREE estimates and will meet or beat ANY local competitor's price. Our most popular Auto Maintenance Services are:

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